Sunday, 20 December 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

So. My Nan often asks me, "Sophie, are you going to make better adverts than this?" when we're watching TV and, with a heavy sigh I'll reply, "Definitely Nan", because I find it particularly difficult to explain the ins and outs of what I actually do at University. She has a point though. All the ad's on TV are pants and the products they're selling are even worse! Now, I know TV advertising is a dying 'art', but does it really mean that whatever is produced, has to be either annoying to the point where you're chanting "...we buy any car dot com!" in your head, hoping at any moment you might spontaneously combust. That, or the advert is so stupidly pointless you are bewildered.

Every now and then I'll see something ace on TV, I guess it sticks out a lot more when you finally see something good through the rubbish. However, I saw something so silly and futile, I decided it was blog worthy!

Hold your breath. To experience. The wonders. Of.

Yes. Snuggie! The solution to all of your problems. Because, really, when you are sitting at home beneath your blanket, you truly are TRAPPED from reaching for the remote. Or another, insolvable mystery of the blanket, IT SLIPS! Yes friends, it slips off of your shoulders, what do you do about such an issue. What else, but buy a blanket with sleeves, obviously... The justification of the product claims to cut your heating bills and solve such blanket mysteries and more. Personally, I turned my dressing gown backward to achieve the same result.

I'm not quite sure what happened to the bravery of mankind when we can't reach from our blanket to the chilling winter cold, to reach for the remote. I just thought it was brilliantly bizarre, even down to the way they justify it. So, folks, my inbox awaits all of your thanks and gratitude for saving you from searching the shops for Christmas presents, your troubles are solved!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Best Ad's of the Decade

It's nearly the end of the 'noughties', and what a ten years it's been. I'm eagerly awaiting a bunch of Channel 4's finest 'Best Of...' countdowns for the decade but thought I'd jump on the bandwagon as I've read a whole bunch online and in the newspapers already.
I think this decade has been brilliant, aside from seeing in my 18th birthday alongside coming to University, we've had some ace music to start, but I won't bore anyone with a streaming list of that *cough* In Rainbows *cough*. However, to stick with my loose blog theme, how about the best (or at least my favourite) TV ad's of the last 10 years.

There's something really mesmerising about watching 250,000 bouncy balls all run down a hill in San Francisco in the Song Bravia Bouncy Balls advert from 2005. It's so tranquil for the whole 2 and a half minutes, just listening to Jose Gonzales watching the colourful bouncy balls, absolutely stunning.

Honda releasing their first Diesel engine really needed something special. The idea of positive hate, represented
in the most cutesy, catchy fashion really worked for me. I remember my friend and I singing the "Hate Something,
Change Something" song, walking about town, hmmm'ing along as pretend Honda Diesel's.
I do tend to really like story type ad's, in this case how the diesel engine came about. The whole positive
Buddhist philosophy thinking really works well with Honda's image and taking a more positive step toward a
brighter, greener future.

I shan't go on, but just one more.
Guinness (had to be in there somewhere), the noitulovE ad! The tale of life's journey to the perfect pint, it's excellent. It was the fifth in the series of "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" and I couldn't think of a smarter, quirkier way to sum up what Guinness is about. Oh, and throw in a bit of Sammy Davis Jr for safe measure. I think Darwin is still spinning at the thought of "Let's evolve to get something better tasting than this water...".

I think Moon Pig just missed my cut...