Monday, 9 November 2009

Home, is where I want to be, pick me up and turn me round.

I love adverts that really inspire me and that's how I feel - like most others - when I see Guinness adverts. The 1999 'Surfer' advert was understandably named 'best advert' by The Sunday Times and Channel 4.

"Take me out, tonight, where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive."

Recently they have decided they want to change their strap line from "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" to "Bring It To Life". I can understand the change they're making, seeings as the recession has stopped people from drinking out more and living more of a quiet life, watching TV and bringing their drink home. I see why Guinness would take the move to inspire people to get out there and live a little, even if it does cost a little more to have your drink via draught rather than can.

I love the move, it's fresh and moving on from the old strap line before it quickly moved from classic to stale. The advert and visuals alone are stunning and inspiring, I can't believe how inspiring an advert for such a rank stout can be!

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